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Will I burn there too is a video installation that is questioning the contradictions within the Reformed Liberated church (gereformeerd vrijgemaakte kerk) that my family is a part of. It is a contradiction between good and evil, God and the Devil, image and non-image, and me and my family. The film consist of video fragments of fantasy films, movies that are, just as religion, talking about the battle between good and evil. But are seen as sinful and dangerous from the strict guidelines of the Reformed Liberated Church, since they depict a world that is created without the notion of God. Combining forces of evil through a visual matter. Watching these films was something that my family frowned upon and feared, for these forces of evil might influence those who watch them. Using these fragments in order to support the narration that is written using passages form the bible and the Heidelberg Catechism (strict guidelines used in the Reformed Liberated Church’s doctrine) and my own experience. By creating a visual installation Will I burn there too? is not only a contradiction in it’s context, but also a contradiction to speak about this topic within a visual media; within the Reformed Liberated Church the use of images in order to worship God is strictly forbidden, and therefore the churches have a lack of visual elements. By creating this film I am trying to represent my personal conflicted feelings towards the Reformed Liberated Church, in a visual way that others can also comprehend.


Photo: Nicole Marnati

For password of full film on vimeo:

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