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turn around edit3 psd.png
'Turn around, bright eyes'
video installation
Shown at Pantheonphantasma,
Passagen IMM Cologne 

A video installation questioning our predetermined path towards ‘good’, while feeling desire towards what lies behind us; evil. Looking for confrontation between the two, visualized using the salt pillar shaped imagery portrayed within bible stories. Stories that show a male God looking down upon us, turning woman without name, like Lot’s wife, into salt pillars. Asking: was this evil so bad after all?


With every step she took she felt the city and it's so called evil calling her back. Conflicted between the rational and eternal love she had for Him and her husband, who was following Him, his leader, as a blind sheep, and the sheer temptation and desire towards the place that she was now walking away from. A place she called home. She felt the heat of its fire burning behind her, radiating through her body. Pulsating, pumping itself through her veins, reaching her mind. Taking control of her body. Each cell was filled with desire, reaching out for what was laying behind her.’ 


Lot’s wife. A woman without name in an ancient man made world ruled by a male God looking down upon us from above. 

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