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Act one

The day after privacy

2018, Installation (4x5m) and text

The story


A Saturday morning after a late Friday night with an interesting turn. Twitter Facebook and Instagram have agreed to meet this morning to talk about their discovery of the night before:


All social media platforms got together for their monthly gathering. It was fun, there was a lot of drinking a laughing. At the end of the night Facebook, Instagram and Twitter stay a bit longer to help the host of the night, The Host, clean up. While they are cleaning up, Facebook Instagram and Twitter discover that during the entire night The Host has been recording every single move or sound they make, Facebook Instagram and Twitter are shocked, and decide to take the found footage and meet the next morning to discuss what to do with their discovery. 

But Twitter has a problem. On the recordings of the night before, there is also something visible that it would rather not show to the others, especially to Facebook...

The project

Interested by the way that social media are taking over our daily lives and social interactions, shifting our experiences from physical to digital, I decided to physicalise three of these platforms. Each different character has features based on the user experience of the platform.

Based on the different personas that you fit yourself to in order to use each platform the the fullest, I then decided to write a play. In order to emphasise the different characters you can become whilst living on the internet.  

instagram 4.png
facebook 4.png

Facebook as Facebook


Facebook is know for its ability to take in as much as possible and benefit from that. It is a strong character, that will always put itself first.

Twitter as Twitter


Twitter is know for its endless curiosity and its constant search for something new. It does not always think things through before it says them, this can sometimes be a problem.

Instagram as Instagram

Instagram is know for its easy going but slightly impatient way of acting. I has a love for shiny surfaces, but tends to avoid in-depth conversations.


Read the whole play:

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