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I was sitting in the tube

Next to my just purchased mannequin.

Something was created by us, between us. I could do nothing else than to respect that. 

As she sits next to me in the tube

People are spectators,

spectating us

Not just me or her as an individual

But the combination of both

the combination of us


as the line continues

I discover her beauty

Our connection expands,

as does our crowd

My eyes on her

all eyes on us.

Her hand slightly bended

Following the shape of my waist.

A cold and hard touch, but still the warm and welcoming feeling of two open arms. As my body slowly heats up the solid substance that is ‘her’ and my chest slowly moves up and down as the support of my lungs, I feel her presents next to me. Her static and robotic presence, way of being.

as a guard over the night. Laying in her motionless solid arms, slowly

I sleep in. Her face close to mine, but only my breath that is stroking her cheeks, leaving a trace of warmness,

as her hand stays slightly bended

following the shape of my waist.

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