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I dreamed last night about a solution for the bed. You see, the wooden parts that are now the window above might not be waterproof. Do you get my point?
I would be nice to not have the mattress turning into a waterbed.  

Do you think that the particles of sand in windows are reminded of erosion whenever it rains?

It is still a nice view, even when it rains the whole week haha

From the bedroom window I can see one branch from the top of the tree in the neighbors garden, it moves a lot in the wind. Sometimes I’m afraid it will snap.

I wish I could see more of their garden, they have some tropical trees, bananas, palm trees. They are very pretty in the rain.

The air vent rotation is creating patterns and shadows on the floor and ceiling depending of the time of the day. It has to be sunny ofcourse.

The ventilation rotation makes a squeaky sound in the night.

During the day too, I just don’t hear them then.



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